The Hobbit. The Battle of Five Armies: Review/Gush

One of my favorite books of all time.

I just saw The final Hobbit, The Battle of Five Armies. I cried 6 times.

I really wasn’t a huge fan of the first two Hobbit movies. I liked them don’t get me wrong, but they didn’t compare to the original Lord of the Rings trilogy. They are a little easier to understand and less intense. But oh how I loved the final installment of The Hobbit trilogy. Even though he added characters that I wasn’t too fond of, what he did with them ended up adding a lot to the movie that I really liked. (But goodness, the Kili/Tauriel love thing is so cheesy and weird – still dont get or like that). This movie was so good. It’s hard to believe it’s really over.

There are no words to describe how much I love J.R.R. Tolkien and Middle Earth. I am a die-hard fan through and through and I always will be. There has been rumor that Peter Jackson will do the Silmarillion, and rumor that he will not. But it’s hard for me to believe that the franchise really ends with this movie. Though the franchise would end on a high note from this latest installment I think (and hope) that there will be more in the future. Tolkien has made such a thorough world and there are stories upon stories that could be developed into movies, and I hope they will be. From the Silmarillion to the Histories of Middle Earth and the Children of Hurin.

I will definitely be going back to the movies to watch it again. I loved how they stayed true to the story (for the most part), and I liked the way that Jackson took information from other works than the Hobbit to give the viewer some more history and insight to Middle Earth. For example, in the Hobbit book, Gandalf leaves but the reader doesn’t know where he goes since it is from Bilbo’s perspective. Within the movies, Jackson has pulled from other Tolkien works to fill in the gaps of the story. I loved that. There is more insight to the wraiths, Sauron coming to power, and how he came to be in Morder.

Now, things I didn’t like so much. I still don’t like Tauriel. But she wasn’t as annoying to me in this movie, and I ended up appreciating her more, but still no love. Now Legolas. Let’s just take a moment. He is my favorite character of Lord of the Rings. Though he wasn’t in the original book  and I really wasn’t feeling it in The Desolation of Smaug, I thought the part that Jackson gave him did end up fitting in to the story well. The only thing is… He’s supposed to be younger than he was in the original trilogy, and elves never age (but Orlando Bloom does). He just looks older and more chubbier in these movies which is obvious because he’s you know 10/12 years older than he was when he did LOTR. That can be looked past because he can’t help that. I just can’t help but feeling like he was trying to act too tough. In LOTR he was always calm and collected and just gentler I guess, but I feel like in the Hobbit he’s trying to seem like the main hero, but that isn’t the role of Legolas and that’s why I always loved him. I feel like I’m not explaining this well…. I hope maybe you see what I mean? OH. And he also had some crazy unrealistic moves in this movie (Like his crazy unrealistic move when he mounts the horse using only his wrist during the Two Towers). But hey he’s an elf and elves rock. Still. nothing but love for Legolas.

All in all I really did love the movie. Obviously it isn’t perfect, as so few things are. But I really did like it. I can’t wait to see it again and I’m going to miss Middle Earth for awhile… Until I read the Hobbit again… which will be soon.

If you love Lord of the Rings as much as I do, then prepare to cry. I knew what was coming and it still got to me.

LOTR Forever.


Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover: In Review

I just finished reading this book on the 8, and I hated it. despised it. loathed it.

I started out really enjoying this book and I thought, “ok obviously miles had something tragic happen in his past but damn. Why the heck does that give him an excuse to treat Tate like that?” And the worst part of that whole freaking situation is Tate. She’s seriously an idiot who has no freaking self control or self confidence or self appreciation at all. He’s hot so she wants to bang him and she knows she wants something with him in the future… But she decides banging him with no attachments is better than not banging him at all. Right. So she does that then she still lets him walk all over her and it’s all about him constantly and I have to read about her calling herself a strong independent girl every freaking chapter.


It gets old real freaking fast especially cuz she stands up to him like once?? And barely – oh and the of course they bang after so she really didn’t at all. So the book is just her basically setting herself up to get her every scene but she keeps going back to him cuz oh man he’s so hot and such a good lover..its weird. I guess that author is trying to show that she loves him? But it seems more like a super unhealthy infatuation. Like dangerously unhealthy. Like geez. The guy needs to work for you at least a little bit….. I mean damn. she’s weak and embarrassing and so typical girl making excuses for dumb boy behavior that they arent strong enough to challenge. Oh and apparently everything he says is her new favorite word – cuz that doesn’t get old fast…


And Miles sucks too. his POV is annoying. I guess she was trying to be artistic when she wrote his POV but really it just gave me a huge freaking headache. And ok, you had a hard life. Lots of people do. Get over yourself. That doesn’t mean you can treat other people like crap all the time and just use them when you know she is crazy and has no backbone whatsoever so she is obviously going to love you no matter how you treat her or what you say. Because literally he can say the most hurtful things to her and she will still want to bang him and have hope that he’s wants her for more than just sex. and get this; HE IS ALWAYS THE ONE TO LEAVE THE SITUATION. I would literally feel so bad for her if she wasn’t such an idiot. I wanted to throw my iPad against the wall so many times.


I liked Slammed and Hopeless so much. But this book was horrible. The characters were the most annoying characters I’ve read in awhile.

Ok that’s pretty ranty. My b. I just don’t see the hype because apparently everyone who has read this loves this and that’s actually kind of concerning to me.

A few of my favorite things: Outlander

Just an example of one of my obsessions? Outlander.

It started with the TV show on Starz. I love everything Scotland and I really wanted to check it out. Well I did and the rest is history. I watched the show up until the mid-season finale (Which what the heck it doesn’t come back on until April, that’s like a seven month break). It was such a cliffhanger and I already knew I wanted to read the book but was intimidated by the size of it. Well, I read the book and I absolutely loved it. I loved how accurately the show followed the book as well.

It’s definitely my new favorite book. If you want to read my review for the Outlander book and my thoughts when I just finished it then you can find that here

The girl who plays Claire in the show kind of annoys me, but I hope that she will do better when the show airs again because the second half of the book is where I really started to like Claire. The second half of the book is the best part anyway. It’s so action-packed and so much happens and I’m interested to see the show portrays it.

I absolutely adore Jamie Fraser. He is perfect in so many ways. He has perfect humor he is respectful and he is strong and brave. I mean seriously, where can I find one? and the accent…. *swooon* I think the Sam Heughan was the perfect choice to portray Jamie and I think he does an amazing job.

I need to read Dragonfly in Amber soon. It’s high on my priority list, but I just haven’t come to it yet. I will read it within the next month. I’m planning on reading it when I leave for Florida after Christmas. It’s a long book and I want to have plenty of time to read it, but I also don’t want to ruin my copy and travel can cause some wear and tear on books so it’s up in the air at this point.

But yes, this has been my introduction to my Outlander obsession. So expect future Outlander posts and reviews. So if you love Outlander as much as I do, then stick around.

I Want to Be Forever Young


So desired by youth. What a life it must be to have no rules. To be able to drive yourself where ever you want to go?? and to be able to buy yourself anything you may desire?? To have your first kiss and to fall in love. To have your own house and live alone. To be able to do whatever you’re little heart may desire.

You grow up. Turns out society has it’s own rules for you. Driving costs gas and insurance. you can’t buy everything you want because you need to pay for that gas and insurance. You cross lines you wish you never had and hearts get broken. Living alone is lonely… and expensive. Turns out everything you desired was what you had as a carefree child just dreaming about the day you would become what you are now: Adult.

How can something once so appealing from the perspective of a child turn out to be so overwhelming and arduous?

The Deception of-


Here I am. This is Me.

Well. I just switched from Blogger. I really like the layout of WordPress more and feel like it’s much easier to navigate and use.

If you are reading this, then wow hey, didn’t expect anyone to make it this far. If you love Lord of the Rings, reading, Harry Potter, Scotland, Sports, Movies, Actors, Music, Thor, and Makeup, then congratulations, you are exactly like me ( I’m not sure if I should congratulate you, I’m almost sorry). It’s very rare that I find things I love but when I do, I really love them with a passion. So much passion. It’s crazy how obsessed I can become. But hey, it is what it is.

I’m currently a sophomore in college and I just finished my third semester. I’m a psych major and i find all things psychological to be extremely fascinating; especially sociopaths. Don’t ask me why – I don’t know.

I love to read. I’m always reading something, and it’s definitely my favorite thing to do when I have free time. I love fantasy and I love historical fantasy and different worlds. I am also a very harsh critic of books. I am very selective with my favorites and very honest in my opinions. So if you have similar tastes as me maybe you will like my reviews/recommendations.

Music. I love all the music. I love all kinds, from Elvis to Taylor Swift, from Hootie and the Blowfish to Imagine Dragons. I am less critical with music than I am with books.

Movies. All the movies – but not horror. Never horror.. and not too gory… I can’t handle it. I love action movies, rom coms, dramas and especially book to movie adaptations. Those are the movies I definitely get most excited for. And hunky actors. I will watch a movie just for its cast, and I will not watch a movies just for its cast.

And that’s me in a nutshell. I live a quiet life, but its my life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. So stick around and get to know me.