A few of my favorite things: Outlander

Just an example of one of my obsessions? Outlander.

It started with the TV show on Starz. I love everything Scotland and I really wanted to check it out. Well I did and the rest is history. I watched the show up until the mid-season finale (Which what the heck it doesn’t come back on until April, that’s like a seven month break). It was such a cliffhanger and I already knew I wanted to read the book but was intimidated by the size of it. Well, I read the book and I absolutely loved it. I loved how accurately the show followed the book as well.

It’s definitely my new favorite book. If you want to read my review for the Outlander book and my thoughts when I just finished it then you can find that here https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1022331504?book_show_action=false

The girl who plays Claire in the show kind of annoys me, but I hope that she will do better when the show airs again because the second half of the book is where I really started to like Claire. The second half of the book is the best part anyway. It’s so action-packed and so much happens and I’m interested to see the show portrays it.

I absolutely adore Jamie Fraser. He is perfect in so many ways. He has perfect humor he is respectful and he is strong and brave. I mean seriously, where can I find one? and the accent…. *swooon* I think the Sam Heughan was the perfect choice to portray Jamie and I think he does an amazing job.

I need to read Dragonfly in Amber soon. It’s high on my priority list, but I just haven’t come to it yet. I will read it within the next month. I’m planning on reading it when I leave for Florida after Christmas. It’s a long book and I want to have plenty of time to read it, but I also don’t want to ruin my copy and travel can cause some wear and tear on books so it’s up in the air at this point.

But yes, this has been my introduction to my Outlander obsession. So expect future Outlander posts and reviews. So if you love Outlander as much as I do, then stick around.


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