Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover: In Review

I just finished reading this book on the 8, and I hated it. despised it. loathed it.

I started out really enjoying this book and I thought, “ok obviously miles had something tragic happen in his past but damn. Why the heck does that give him an excuse to treat Tate like that?” And the worst part of that whole freaking situation is Tate. She’s seriously an idiot who has no freaking self control or self confidence or self appreciation at all. He’s hot so she wants to bang him and she knows she wants something with him in the future… But she decides banging him with no attachments is better than not banging him at all. Right. So she does that then she still lets him walk all over her and it’s all about him constantly and I have to read about her calling herself a strong independent girl every freaking chapter.


It gets old real freaking fast especially cuz she stands up to him like once?? And barely – oh and the of course they bang after so she really didn’t at all. So the book is just her basically setting herself up to get her every scene but she keeps going back to him cuz oh man he’s so hot and such a good lover..its weird. I guess that author is trying to show that she loves him? But it seems more like a super unhealthy infatuation. Like dangerously unhealthy. Like geez. The guy needs to work for you at least a little bit….. I mean damn. she’s weak and embarrassing and so typical girl making excuses for dumb boy behavior that they arent strong enough to challenge. Oh and apparently everything he says is her new favorite word – cuz that doesn’t get old fast…


And Miles sucks too. his POV is annoying. I guess she was trying to be artistic when she wrote his POV but really it just gave me a huge freaking headache. And ok, you had a hard life. Lots of people do. Get over yourself. That doesn’t mean you can treat other people like crap all the time and just use them when you know she is crazy and has no backbone whatsoever so she is obviously going to love you no matter how you treat her or what you say. Because literally he can say the most hurtful things to her and she will still want to bang him and have hope that he’s wants her for more than just sex. and get this; HE IS ALWAYS THE ONE TO LEAVE THE SITUATION. I would literally feel so bad for her if she wasn’t such an idiot. I wanted to throw my iPad against the wall so many times.


I liked Slammed and Hopeless so much. But this book was horrible. The characters were the most annoying characters I’ve read in awhile.

Ok that’s pretty ranty. My b. I just don’t see the hype because apparently everyone who has read this loves this and that’s actually kind of concerning to me.


3 thoughts on “Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover: In Review

  1. Hehehe… I understand what you are going through… There are people like that in real life, believe it or not, that clearly know what’s going on but can’t back away because lust takes over common sense. Many women have their own view of the guy, maybe he can change or maybe I can change him and they ignore what’s happening. Definitely an annoying read though, when we want to knock knock her in the head and ask if she’s there 🙂

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