Throne of Glass | Review

Uhm. This book.

Kick-ass heroine.

Handsome men.

Evil king.

Mysterious deaths.

tragic pasts.

Missing magic.

What else could you want from a book?? Throne of Glass had me hooked from the very first page. I absolutely love Celaena and she is without a doubt one of my most favorite book characters of all time (and i rarely like female characters – don’t hate me. I just don’t.) Celaena wasn’t whiny or needy and she’s definitely the opposite of dependent. Even though she was independent, she still knew when to accept help and when she needed to admit she was wrong. It’s interesting to me that her character is already so well developed. I like that because sometimes seeing character development is annoying – but she is already strong both mentally (for the most part) and physically. I loved her sense of humor and personality. And even though her character is already so developed, I can’t wait to read more books to see how her character grows even more.

Now Dorian and Chaol. At first I was on the fence and I really didn’t know who I was gonna like more, but as the book went on there as no doubt in my mind that Chaol was definitely number 1. He has the best demeanor and he isn’t cocky. LIke there is no comparison at all for me, as of right now. I kind of found Dorian annoying. I don’t like the obviously handsome, cocky, womanizing characters that so many seem to love. they’re actually kind of off-putting to me. I love Chaol’s subtlety. And though I could change my mind, I highly HIGHLY doubt it. Actually you know what? I won’t change my mind. I love Chaol. He’s perfect. Team Chaol. I can’t wait for more Chaol in Crown of Midnight. Ugh.


The love story between the three and the love triangle was actually very well done. props to you Sarah. There wasn’t such an obvious choice, and though she sort of acted on her feelings she didn’t dive in head first to love. It was subtle. It was kind of perfect. It was a more natural progression of someone developing feelings for more than one person, because she wasn’t instantly in love with one. because you know how it goes, “if you love two people and are torn between them then choose the second because it means you never really loved the first…” blah blah blah, something like that. I don’t really even know how else to describe it other than natural. You have to read it to understand what I mean.

I also really loved the story. I can tell that a lot of thought has been put into it and that a lot of things that happened in this book are gonna come back into play in later books. I have a feeling Nox’s story isn’t over yet and I’m very interested to see what this whole Elena thing means.

I hope I can read the next two books before the 4th comes out in September.

ALso. Is this becoming a movie?? because it should. It really really should.


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