I Want to Be Forever Young


So desired by youth. What a life it must be to have no rules. To be able to drive yourself where ever you want to go?? and to be able to buy yourself anything you may desire?? To have your first kiss and to fall in love. To have your own house and live alone. To be able to do whatever you’re little heart may desire.

You grow up. Turns out society has it’s own rules for you. Driving costs gas and insurance. you can’t buy everything you want because you need to pay for that gas and insurance. You cross lines you wish you never had and hearts get broken. Living alone is lonely… and expensive. Turns out everything you desired was what you had as a carefree child just dreaming about the day you would become what you are now: Adult.

How can something once so appealing from the perspective of a child turn out to be so overwhelming and arduous?

The Deception of-